When dead bodies come alive, even the strongest among us will run. What about situation you least expect them to show up. This movie takes you to the dead Island where Zombies and the citizens..

Ghost Come Again

Blood sucker are everywhere. In this movie you witness it all.

Bloody Road 2

Bloody road One was very tense. Part 2 is even more. Terrifying and full of suspense.


The house full of ghosts dwelling in it is a terrifying place to visit at  night. If you think is a joke, just be part of this...


This is a place  of suffering which is inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven. A must see 5D movie.

Ghost Town

Visit to the Ghost Town reveals the horror of the underground...

Bloody Road 1

Path To Hell. Night casual journey that turns into nightmare

Depths of Evil Spirts

A visit to the underground world reveals the life of the evil spirits...